How To Begin Living A Life Of Personal, Professional, & Spiritual Fulfillment Based On The 4 Principles Of
Alliance, Identity, Purpose, & Empowerment


 Mark Mascolo

As an author, speaker, podcast host and workshop/retreat creator, Mark has committed his life to empowering men to awaken their greatness in their own unique journey to personal, professional, and spiritual fulfillment through 
The Power Number System 
for the better part of 2 decades.
Mark has stood toe to toe with the Goliaths of addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, and a near death cancer experience.
As a former college athlete, he understands and shares his experiences and resilience through the 4 principles of Alliance, Identity, Purpose, and Empowerment.
He lives his life and invites you to affirm what he does every single day;
"I Am A More Powerful Me
We Are A More Powerful Us
because of
Our Most Powerful God"!